Sunday, November 9, 2008

Live and Learn...please

It's all over the newspapers this morning: What do the Republicans have to do to re-establish themselves as a credible political party?
1. They have to open their eyes.
2. They have to read the news (real news--not gossip) everyday.
3. Then they have to think about what they've read. Quietly and with genuine consideration of the facts that have been presented.
4. Remember that what humans can do--humans will do. Whether you like it or not.
5. People--on a global scale--are people. They love, hate, have sex, reproduce, marry, don't marry, believe in God, gods, are atheists, are get the gist. Humans are all over the place literally and figuratively.
6. One group's view will not cut it on a global scale. Ever.
7. Pay attention to technology in all its forms. Its here to stay. Its changing the world. (You don't want to get left behind)
8. What we've learned this week: Young people, Blacks and Latinos do come out to vote. They just wait until they've got something to vote for.
Its OK to be a Conservative---just don't be a Neanderthal about it.

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