Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17th--I can't believe it!!

We are wussies here in the PNW. It really never snows or gets cold but its been in the 'teens and twenties here for the past couple of days and last night there was a dusting of snow.
It's 30 degrees right now but I think this is supposed to be the high for the day.
It feels like Christmas--I may hang some lights or bake some muffins --wow, that's not like me at all.

If you want a good muffin recipe use the one on the back (or side) of the All-Bran cereal box. It's easy to adjust the recipe so that its not so good for you and you can add golden raisins and chopped walnuts or anything you like, you can also dust the muffin tops with white decorating sugar (big and coarse) just before you put it in the oven--the tops will be extra sweet and crunchy.

I'm going to go read the newspaper now and have a cup of coffee--then I'll post something depressing about the plethora of not so smooth criminals emerging in the political world just so we can finish 2008 on a low note.

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