Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HealthCare HeadsUp

Looking grim. Read this

The health care industry in America is going the way of banks and auto companies. Mis-management for fun and profit is taking it's toll. Too long, the CEO's and executives of non-profits have been taking huge salaries while they expand services and advertise these services to the public. Advertising is great as long as you've really got what you're shilling for but too often the building is built, furnished, stocked and opened to great fanfare while nurses, support staff and communication technology have been skimped on. Either they've been unwilling to spend the money on credentialed people, who are expensive and a liability, after all or they've been unable to find credentialed people who haven't been disenchanted or abused by the system and have called it quits. Healthcare is now a top heavy industry like any other. Two-tiered like all America is becoming. Haves and have nots. Just how many CEO's and Insurance companies can dance on the head of a pin?
Even an immediate and drastic change to healthcare policies won't stop what's happening now. The snowball is rolling and anyone who can't foot the bill for their own care is going down.

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