Monday, December 22, 2008

Tea to the rescue!

Hello. I am cold and still a little sick from my sinus issue. I fell asleep for the brief window of time that my husband was home and awake. Now he is asleep and I am mourning the fact that I barely even said hello to him. He does look comfortable though.
A lot of the snow has melted but there is still several inches out there. It does look like we'll make it to the store tomorrow, Mom.
My friend's baby is sick and in the hospital with a heart issue. I just read their blog updating us all on her progress. It looks good for her but I feel all negative today. Babies are sick. My other friend has lung cancer. I've got green stuff coming out of my head. At least I have always got tea to cheer me up.
I did not listen to the news at all today or read any email either. I'm over the news for a little while. Except for sports, of course. I cleaned my house a little bit. I paid the bills and realized I missed the due date on my second bill this month. That is so unlike me. I chalk it all up to the illness and the feeling of unreality this month has carried. I mean, all this damn snow and the freezing temps. It's like living in a square state.
I need to go buy one last Christmas present for someone who shall remain nameless. Then I need to do some wrapping and I'm all ready for the family gathering. I'm keeping the dinner itself pretty simple but I did decide on a new potato recipe. You get some Yukon Gold potatoes and heat up a skillet really good with oil in it. Then you lay the potatoes in there whole, browning on both sides. After they have a good color you pour in chicken stock half way up the taters. You then let them cook until soft and give them a little squish so they crack open and soak up some of the thickened chicken stock. Sounds good, huh? Saw it on Rachel Ray, whom I usually don't watch. She said she got it from Jacques Pepin.
Love, Catherine.

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