Sunday, December 14, 2008

For now...

...on religion belongs to the illustrious L. Margaret Kampp, my beloved and incisive sister:

"Religion has had it's finger in every pie that it could lay it's greedy, divisive, irrational and POLITICAL hands on. That's what we have to put a stop to. Religion can no longer be allowed to dictate national policy, or decide which books we can read and which books should be banned or burned. We are a civil society, duty-bound to use reason, evidence and precedence to govern ourselves. (I'm talking about the USA here. Taking on any more would be biting off more than I could chew.) Religions are constructs of man, designed to raise high the elite and repress the rest. And I CAN label myself as anti-religion.I'm not the thought police. I would never attempt to coax or coerce others into accepting my status of an anti-religionist as their own. I just require that they stay out of my face with their religion, on both a personal and national level.Here Endeth the Lesson.:

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