Thursday, December 4, 2008

News of the Day...and comment, of course

Hail and Greeting from Beautiful Tacoma, Washington.

The wooden stair was photographed at Point Defiance Park from Owen Beach and the foggy Olympic Mountains are seen from Sequim, Wa.

I bring news from the Huffington Post: REGARDING REPUBLICANS

Regarding Sarah Palin and the state of the Republican Party: I wouldn't use Palin's name again but she's a big draw for so many reasons, as noted in the article.

And this:

Just where is the bottom of Karl Rove''s Barrel and Who Lives There? Mr. Rove comes from the school of If You Say it Long Enough and Pound it Into Their Stupid Skulls They'll Believe Anything.

Please, God, don't let this happen, we've been stupid enough.

GWB has just apologized for not being prepared for war.

The BIG THREE in Detroit had to be humiliated into at least appearing to understand what the problem is--I'm sure they don't--they're going home every night and kicking the poor dog. They've admitted they've made mistakes but if they do not come up with a appropriate plan for the future (the 21st Century) and if the PEOPLE of the USA don't keep watching them they'll go right back to their lyin' cheatin' ways---you can rely on it---they believe, like Karl Rove, that we are sheep to be raised, herded and slaughtered for their betterment.

We can't rely on our elected representatives to do it. Americans have to be the watchdogs.

So, put down the Pepsi and the Cheetos. Get out of the Hummer for a minute.

And think.

In the new world we're in we need the basics: Food, clothing, shelter, work, health, education, saving for the future--all the things we've always needed. And we need to work with the new technologies that come at us faster and faster---Food, clothing, shelter, work, communication, health, education and saving for the future. Technology has changed everyone of these things---we have to deal with it and integrate it into responsible human interaction.

So far we've used all our new gadgets like toys--discarding (or ignoring) the ones we don't like or that aren't going to show us an immediate profit.

The Long View is longer than we've been looking.

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