Monday, December 1, 2008


Peggy Noonan's column in the Wall Street Journal is titled:

Turbulence Ahead

I thought to myself, well of course, it doesn't take a pundit to tell us that.

But Peggy has a point, she says:

"One of the weirdest, most perceptually jarring things about the economic crisis is that everything looks the same...It's as if the news is full of floods but we haven't seen it is odd, surreal, to have the steady downbeat of Great Depression II all over the news, and few signs of GDII on the street, odd that the news we're hearing is at odds with what our eyes are seeing."

This is what happened with the Bush Administration--the loss of our freedoms proceeded slowly with an overlay of fear that made us susceptible to denial. We handed over our rights, our money and our intellects like children petitioning to be loved and protected.

The GreedMongers have been pushed back for the moment by the global financial crisis, everyone is looking right now, but they will creep back sooner than we think. As soon as we feel sufficiently comforted by what we cannot see the lenders will return with a bridge they want us to buy. They will take the fruits of your labor again and make wage slaves of us once again, bowed by usury and fears of poverty and humiliation.

This is not easy to avoid. Why, we'd have to educate ourselves! We have to pay attention. We have to stand up and say Back Off, Jack!
So, don't be comforted. Be smart, alert and educated!
Use the moneylenders, the politicians and the Industrial Giants before they use you.
It can be done.

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