Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Got You Beat.

That's me in my front yard. In the words of Clyde Bruckmann (I think that was his name.), "I'm not smiling; I'm wincing." Oh, and the sun isn't shining either.

But you did a good thing. Your post of 'Snuggs' actually made me laugh.

I feel bad for you guys out there. 16 degrees, huh? That's going to be tough on the plants. It'll be a bad year for camellias.

We're languishing around 30 degrees. That cold, gray, mucky eight-inches-of-wet-snow-that's-glued-to-all-the-tree-branches-and-power-lines kind of 30 degrees. I'm just waiting for the lights to go out.

I haven't been reading the news. I haven't been reading my email. (Well, I read a few. Yours, of of course.) I woke up to 102 unread emails today. Hardly any of them were spam. I think I'll be declaring email bankruptcy - just deleting everything and starting anew.

I have been reading mysteries. A book a day for the last three days. Too bad the only mysteries I ever buy are set in Edinburgh or North Yorkshire. Or Reyjavik. I should order some books where the murders take place on tropical islands or in hot, humid jungles. I know I have a Carl Hiaasen around here that I haven't read yet. I'd even read a Kathy Reichs, as long as it wasn't one of the ones set in Montreal or Nunavut.

This isn't a proper blog post. It's just a letter. I'll go onto the NY Times site and see if I can come up with something real. By the way, your post about John McCain was spot on! I always knew that he had at least two or three people wandering around inside his head. It's nice to see that the good one has come back for a bit. I hope that one sticks around awhile.

- Nanook

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