Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cabin Fever

69 Rabbits Discovered

In One-bedroom Apartment

During Recent Eviction In Illinois.

Welsh Rabbit (WB). Binge-eater, Emerson Llewellyn, 56, says he can't eat another bite of pizza or birthday cake (he loves the butter cream frosting). His mother, in Wales, had recently sent him her traditional recipe for WB and Mr. Llewellyn developed a craving for the delicacy.
What disturbed his neighbors was the smell from the burned sauce bechamel. "Just never could make a proper sauce" Mr Emerson told reporters "but I don't think it was the sauce that smelled so bad though--I think it might've been the 50 pounds of cheddar cheese--I couldn't fit it in the refrigerator."
Illinois Hazmat said that the clean up was a piece of cake seeing how the ingredients were natural and biodegradable. The Fire Dept and its crack hazmat team were relieved at the relative ease of the job. They'd recently spent time at the Governor's Mansion. "That's going to stink for a long time." said their spokesperson.

For more information see the writings of Ambrose Bierce.

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