Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Truth about John McCain

This is the truth about John McCain as I see it. There can be no other explantion for what happened to the McCain campaign in the last several months before the election.

McCain struck everyone--even Obama supporters --as a decent, sensible, hard working politician who kept the people in mind. The man knew hard times, even though he has Cindy now and more homes than he can count at his advanced age. He also had a sense of humor that even we democrats appreciated.

Then came August 2008: What happened to John? He started telling the most amazing whoppers. He began wandering--in his speeches and while he was waiting to speak--moseying around the stage checking the drapes and the chairs--ignoring what was actually going on. We were all waiting for him to take a header off the dais a la Dole. And then there was the Palin incident--come on, John McCain, in another scenario, might make a pass at the tart-like valley-girl but intellectually they were in different dimensions. At that point--although the campaign became more colorful and lively--kind of like a freak show, it was over.

Most of us in the USA, although we see things very differently, at least have a crumb or two of brains in our heads, and we could see that the whole Republican process was FUBR.

THEN, Obama won the election and poof! Abracadabra, the old John threw off his clown outfit and emerged the statesman we once knew.

It's my opinion that John McCain looked at his republican party and thought to himself--'how can I bring these turkeys down?' As he saw it he had to be crazier than the craziest among them-- and he did a stellar job.

John McCain won. He was alone in that voting booth...and

...John McCain voted for Obama.

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