Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I know that there are men out there who get depressed and I feel for them but the fact is that women pretty much have the market cornered. I always wondered--and still do--why is there a depression gene? What good does it do?

I have the gene as does my sister and daughter and son--my mom had it as well and goodness knows how many others in the family. We all fight to stay on the safe side of the half empty glass. I've been told that it's the sadder but wiser syndrome, if you can see life too clearly, well, of course, you feel like crap.

There's some truth in that. It's also true that humans have had the fun bred out of them. We're happy until we're born and then we're stuck with people who have no idea how to raise a child, have no money, don't love each other or there's a war on or a depression (ha!). We're like birds tied to the earth--there's something else we should be doing. We've been sold a bill of goods at the molecular level.
God as Joker: 'See that beautiful tree with all the fruit? You can't have any.' See? Right from the start it's all been a practical joke. Well, we depressed people are mad as hell and as soon as we can get up the energy we won't be taking it anymore!

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