Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Could Have Sworn I'd Blogged.....

.....but I guess I didn't. I must have dreamt it.

I went to see my Personal Brain Care Specialist this morning and we talked about how he hosted a dinner for the 'local' members of the American Psychiatric Assoc. and chose a Buddhist, vegan restaurant down in the Village for the gathering. He said that all the other psychiatrists thought he was crazy. What a nut.

I have nothing to write about because I haven't read the newspapers in four days. The only 'news' I've gotten was in emails from Rich Simon and my sister, and they were depressing enough.

Whatever happened to that Sarah Palin person?

I honestly think that the Oktoberfest gives me jet lag. I slept yesterday until 3:50pm (!), answered 50 emails (all concerning the Oktoberfest) and then went right back to sleep. I got up at 6:30 this morning and I'm just beginning to feel normal again. But my 'counting thumb' is still numb.

I'd better go read the news. Smell ya later!

- Maggie

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