Monday, September 22, 2008

Rainy Days

I don't have a thing to blog about. How can a girl compete when even the kittens in this family are writing odes and epics?

Fall has come to Tacoma after Summer finally arrived and stayed for 2 weeks. I turned the heat on yesterday for a couple of hours just to get the chill off the apartment.

I have 5 more days to work this month and then I'll be on vacation until the 24th of October. I'll be back East with Maggie and Patty and Judy until then.

Maggie and I will be in Montauk for a couple of days wine drinking and communing with the Atlantic.

Patty and I will talk about being fully retired and cruising the Mediterranean.

Judy and I will watch her young Robert get married and I will officially(but without comment or fanfare) pass the torch to Catherine and James Francis as Conservators of the O'Reilly Family Legacy, Memory and Future.

The Hatchling and her enormous extended family have something going on called the Family Fitness Challenge(FFC). I'll find out about it while I'm in Rochester. This family is not made up of individuals. They are an Organism--if any of you remember the '60's and the Kennedys of Hyannisport, MA--you know the Hatch/McGlynns. A teeming and teaming cell of intellectual, overachievers. (They even have a tiny little MATRIARCH) They are scattered thither and yon across this great USofA but are nonetheless seemingly always TOGETHER--a swirling mass of coming and going and doing. I'm really looking forward to the particulars of the FFC--when it is completed it will undoubtedly cause a shift in the Force.

As for myself, on these rainy days I think of the cosmic yesterday, today and the misty future of an old girl who's still ON THE ROAD. Right now I'm clueless. I'm seeing a quiet time after I get back from New York and I hope that it will gel into something solid and worldly. I'd like to BE for a while yet. But not what I've been.

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