Saturday, September 27, 2008

Have Pity on an Overworked Kitty

(Shadow is having to cover for Jabba, who's all worn out from his investigations!)

This is a subtle message to the MSM; get out there and do your own investigating! There's plenty to see, plenty to find. (Investigatin' Cat won't mind.) Tell us what WE rely on YOU to discover.

And keep your priorities straight. Cosmetics on a straw pig isn't news. A trillion dollars in bailouts IS news. The illegal arrest of peaceful demonstrators is news. Legally issued subpoenas being blown off and ignored by those receiving them IS news! You think anyone of "We The People" could get away with that nonsense? We're going DOWN, my friends, and 'Investigatin' Cat' is just a baby. He can't do it all!

Another thing: George Bush won't stop being President on November 4th. We still have months to get the Articles of Impeachment from under Nancy Pelosi's seat cushion or out of her lettuce crisper or wherever she's stashed them. Let's get crackin' on that, huh?

- Lois (Maggie) Carneiro

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