Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Sign.

This is it. This is the sign that Kurt and I have spent a week and a half cobbling together. Take a good look at it now, because Frank and Kurt are hanging it up at the intersection of Mill St. and Rt 6 tomorrow morning. The forecast for tomorrow night? Heavy rain, possible thunderstorms. The forecast for Saturday: Heavy rain! I have high hopes that the sign will weather the storms, but a secret fear that the lettering is going to run like Tammy Faye's mascara.

Paul Scherer had a good idea. He suggested Scotch-Guarding it, so it would shed the water and not get too heavy. Good thinking, Methuselah!

Many, MANY thanks to Paul Geppert who not only cut me my length of pipe, but did it all over again when I decided I wanted a different pipe. Thanks to Frank S., who has indulged my whims regarding the sign with admirable forbearance.

And thanks to all you generous, kind and forgiving club members who are going to be merciful to me if the sign turns out to be a disaster. If it DOES turn out to be a disaster, I will stand at Mill St. & Rt. 6, holding a new sign all week long. (Which would get me out of doing the Money Room, so every cloud does indeed have a silver lining.)

Nervously Yours, - Maggie

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Cherry Bomb said...

You're such a dope sometimes. The sign is wonderful, especially since I saw it in person. You and Kurt did a splendid job, especially since you did something that would have flummoxed me with my stubborn and useless right hand ( and my left hand and left foot. )
However, I would look forward to riding by just to see you holding a sign and I'd take lots of pictures to make a collage for your wall ( or the club's. )
You did a teriffic, job. Be proud for once ! B