Saturday, September 27, 2008


.....I did end up watching most of the debate. The New York Times streamed the debate live from their website.

McCain was not quite the drooling, cock-eyed doofus I'd expected him to be, though he did blink a lot and seemed to have something stuck in his teeth. (Corn, probably. Corn always gets stuck in MY teeth.) His presentation and demeanor were only a little bit like Dennis the Menace's mean neighbor, Mr Wilson. You'd think that he would have tried to lighten up the mood by telling his 'Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?' joke, but maybe he's saving that for the next debate.

However, the content of his remarks was pure McCain. I'm glad that Obama managed to fit in a reference to McCain's musical talents when he reminded us of "Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb, bomb Iran" I just wish he'd been able to wiggle in a little anecdote about the time that John McCain called his wife a cunt-faced trollop. Or was it a trollop-faced cunt? Six of one, half a dozen of the other, I guess.

I hope I get my Obama buttons in time for the next debate. I'll watch the whole thing next time, eating popcorn out of my button-covered hat.

- Maggie

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