Friday, September 19, 2008

I Lost my Bag o' Hammers Picture

So, we're circling the drain instead...

I heard GWB on the radio this morning on my way home from work. He say: "We cannot wait to mend this terrible financial situation, We must join together in a bi-partisan manner and bail the hell out of Wall St." ..or words to that effect.
GWB hasn't been reading the newspapers.
Merrill Lynch is dead as a doornail. Freddie, Fannie, WaMu, The Fanucci Brothers---all deceased. (GWB wanted to give these guys our Social Security money---probably still wants to)
Not only that but GWB has forgotten that these USt's of A are trillions of dollars in debt secondary to another issue he's got going. So what is he going to use to bail us the hell out of Wall Street?? Aside: in another 5 months or so GWB is going to be sitting on the back porch in Crawford, TX just watching those oil wells produce--no worries, son.
Ah well, none of the people I love have any money anyway--just like their mother (sister).

AND: McCain wants us to elect him to the US presidency so he can fix up the mess these DAMN LIBERALS have gotten us into.

None of this is news to you, I'm sure. I'm just venting.

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