Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Catherine KICKS ASS!

Catherine, you're my hero! (And you're just a little girlie, not even a man!) I have become so disgusted with this whole 'Sideshow Sarah' act that I've been unable to find the words to express myself.

I still can't wrap my noggin around the idea that so many people are letting themselves be distracted by this circus freak and her assumed 'Little House on the Tundra' persona. She couldn't be more of a caricature if she tried. There are real issues to be discussed and they don't include her, no matter where she puts her lipstick! (I liked what Obama said about the lipstick on a pig thing. He said that Palin IS the lipstick. The pig is McCain!)

(See link below) Here's Sarah Palin. Nice, huh? This is what she spent almost half a million dollars of taxpayer money on. Cold-hearted bastard!

We have to kick her back to Hooterville and start talking about the HUGE national debt and trade deficits. Let's talk about how all of our roads, bridges and tunnels are falling to pieces. Let's talk about the millions of citizens in this country that have insufficient health care coverage or none at all! Let's talk about how no candidate since Jimmy Carter has chided us about our profligate lifestyles, that domestic oil production PEAKED in the 1970's and that oil companies are not going to be building refineries for a product that will not exist (as we know it) in 30 years. Oil companies are no longer in this business for the long run. They are taking their profits now!

Sarah Palin is a no-nothing joke, a lizard in snake's clothing, a self-promoting Right-to Lifer-er, a pro-abstinence / anti-sex education creationist who speaks in tongues, for goodness sake. She's an insult to pigs, rottweilers AND lipstick. And she's a mortal danger to wolves and bears. If only wolves and bears could pilot airplanes and pull triggers, we'd never need to think about her again.

- Maggie

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