Friday, September 26, 2008

The Late Great United States

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I've just read something interesting.
In the NYT today, Judith Warner's column is about Sarah Palin. Judith states that when she saw Palin's photo with Henry Kissinger she saw a woman who knew she was in way over her head and she went on to state that the GOP's selection of Palin was an act of cruelty. I certainly hadn't thought of that but afterwards I could picture some sleazy Republicans sitting down with the Governor of Alaska (and her delusions of grandeur) and sweet talking her into thinking the VP position wouldn't be that hard and if Old McCain did kick the bucket she would have a team of crack advisors to assist her (and they could tell her any damn thing because she knows nothing and she'd be left holding the bag).
This doesn't let Palin off the hook for being stupid enough to take the bait; neither does it let Republicans off the hook for underhanded, slimey politics--pulling the biggest fish out of the backwater and hanging her out to dry, wooed and screwed, so to speak. about all these banks biting the dust?? How about the taxpayers footing the bill?? I really don't know anyway else out of it--although a damned good Great Depression might beat some sense into our collective heads--what about the heads of all those individuals who ran those banks? The Boards of Directors, CEO's, CFO's, COO' much money were they making while they were making off the all the cash?? And will they be called to account? Hell no, they're probably all Republicans!! (I don't know this...somebody check for me.) Conservative until they're using someone else's money.

AND...what about all those mortgagees losing their homes?? Stupid? Yes.
Wooed and screwed?

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