Monday, September 15, 2008

Step one: Remove heads from ass.

I agree that Palin is a mania, not a candidate. People said this about Obama. Yet, Obama can speak at length about his ideas, policies and the the world at large. Palin is inexperienced. People said this about Obama. Yet, he has been through a campaign against Hillary. And he won. He has also been involved in Washington politics. Palin has been in Alaska.
I am concerned about Palin's lie. She seems to believe that she eradicated the Bridge to Nowhere. Alaska still got all that bridge money. They didn't build the bridge, but the money went there anyway. This seems like a major flaw in her plan to brag about her barracudaness. She's against earmarks, but will spend the cash anyway.
I am really sickened by blindness of whoever the hell out there is actually swayed by Palin. They must be the most simple-minded issue-phobes. The economy is in the crapper. The world wishes we didn't exist. Global warming inspired storms are erasing the gulf coast. BUT PALIN'S A WOMAN!!!! WOOO HOOOO!
Dear Uncommitted Voters:
Are you better off than you were 8 years ago? Do you feel safer when you travel? Would you like to buy or sell a home anytime soon? Do you think gas is expensive? Answer these questions, then vote accordingly. Love, Me.

This is the only good thing about Palin:

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I LOVE 'Get Fuzzy', and that one is a gem! I'm going to submit your post to Reddit.

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