Wednesday, September 24, 2008

November 4th CANNOT Come Soon Enough!

For weeks, months and years I've been suitably horrified, infuriated and terrified by the various political and military shenanagins in which our duly elected (HAH!) administration has engaged.

But now it's just gotten silly! Were it not that so many people have died and are destined to die as a result of of the misuse of the US military, this entire mishigas would be hilarious. Were it not for the fact that so many people have seen their businesses fail, their retirement savings disappear and their houses foreclosed upon, this would seem like a peculiarly long Monty Python sketch. Were it not a part of the historical record that we've been aware of the effects of industrial pollution on the climate and that we experienced our first petroleum/gasoline shortages over 30 YEARS AGO yet we are still acting like it's all news to us, I would be laughing!

Poor Barack is going to win this election and then be immediately assigned the blame for decades of bad governance and astounding arrogance, (I think that he's already being blamed.) and that's just not fair.

What this country needs is a good dose of 'McPain'. REALLY! It would be the perfect cathartic/purgative for our collective constipation. It would spread the present administration's personal policies of chaos, lawlessness, entitlement and brutality from the Oval Office into our streets and into our homes. We would all be fully engaged in the consequences of greed and immorality; fighting and starving and dying along with the rest of the victims of the Bush Doctrine. And it would certainly disabuse anyone of the ridiculous notion that God is on our side.

I'm voting for Obama, but I'm rootin' for 'McPain', because I can't think of anything sillier to do.

- Maggie

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