Monday, September 15, 2008

Into The Valley Of Death.....

.....Rode The Copper-Bottomed Bitches!

I was discussing our current blog subject today with a fairly liberal woman who teaches at Hunter College. She said, "Maggie, when are you going to stop fighting the hopeless battle?"

"Never!" I said. (I live to fight the hopeless battle.)

I'd answered her without thinking, but as I reflected on it later, I realized that fighting the hopeless battle is the very best way to engage in life. Certainly the most realistic way, since none of us are getting out of here alive, but also the most fulfilling way. The hopeless battle is the eternal question. Everything else is just a delusion or a big dead end.

I don't feel optimistic about the future we Americans are making, but I do feel exhilarated. It gives me something to push back against, something to mouth off about. I can DO that! It needs to be done and I'm good at it. I've always had contrarian tendencies, but I've never embraced them before. I think I've finally ripened.

I'm full of juice. Noli me tangere, unless you want to get all sticky.

- Maggie

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