Friday, September 12, 2008


The Republicans dismiss everything said against Palin as sexism. Oh yeah? Well, I'll tell you what is sexist. It is representing my gender with this backwards, righteous hypocrite. It is sexist to give the impression that all working mothers should be cheerful exercise addicts who forgo sleep and a social life to care for their families.
How come no one complained when Palin said that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull was lipstick? Isn't that just every bit as sexist as the lipstick on a pig thing? Her comment portrays working moms as ball-biting dogs who take a moment to smear on some Mary Kay in order to conceal their true selves from men. Sorry, Mrs. Palin, but I don't need to pretty up before I disagree with men.
Also, I don't think every woman who drives her kids to practice needs to be labeled by that action alone. Nobody calls women "A &P Moms", or "Six Hours in the ER for My Kid's Stitches Moms". Quit it with that spunky mom-on-the go rhetoric. All it makes me want to do is NEVER HAVE KIDS.
By the way, John McCain used that same lipstick on a pig thing when talking about Hillary Clinton.
Finally, I reject any criticism that comes from a group that needed to rename their own damn party as to not be associated with themselves. GOP=RNC=Both Suck Equally.

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