Monday, July 7, 2008

Alas, Montauk

From the looks of this article in the NYT we'll soon be priced out of our childhood playground.
When I picture Montauk I see shabby, fishy,smelling of boat fuel Montauk and I also see (in my mind's eye, of course) frugal motel rooms looking on marshes and seascapes. Quiet and damp and sandy and ....quiet.
Wine and chips. John's pancake house. Kites.
Horseshoe crabs. The old jetty. The old Gosman's. Duryea's Dock. White's drug store. Lobster salad for $15.00 a pound. I hear it's $100.00 for a pound now. The Tiki Motel. Captain Bart's, where I had my first legal drink (gin and tonic). The clam shack on the Montauk Highway. I was 16 so that was 42 or 43 years ago that I first saw the place.
We better get there this year, Mag. October should be great, after all the pricey people have gone away. I can't wait--we'll take tons of photos and make some good memories. I like the thought of red wine and fritos but at my age it could kill me. Doobies will be healthier.

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