Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Post to Obama:--They Won't Put It Up. Too Earthy.

Here's a copy of it. It's not going to be put on his website. They won't post it. I'm tired of being polite
To Barack Obama 7/8/2008 via his site’s email section

I'm 58 years old and mad as hell.
You gave some razzle-dazzle speeches at the outset of this campaign and I was all aglow at them and at the thought of some good common sense with more than a dash of hard truth and forward-looking.
But you've caved already.
I know what you're thinking: You have to compromise and kiss up to win.
The USA has compromised and has kissed up until it's a pale thin shadow of what it tried to be.
Traitor. Worm.
More of the usual suspects. Another arrogant middle-aged white guy coming down the pike.
I have no more kind words for any politician. You are all thieves and liars

Mrs. Linda O’Reilly

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Hermana said...

Give 'em HELL, the bastards!

- Maggie