Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update from Tacoma

Here are some photos I got the day before yesterday. Ummm.....sunshine.
Today is July 3rd and the weather is overcast, middling warm and thunder has been rumbling around for hours. Pleasant and unlike Washington west of the Cascades--we don't get many thunder storms.
I've been studying the birth of our nation and it's Constitution. So far, I've discovered that the Founders realized early on that any Constitution would have to stand the test of time. To that end they searched for those ideals what were timeless and enduring. They were educated men who continued to educate themselves. They were high-minded and small-minded--each man! They differed radically in their aspirations and methods. Many were the denunciations and recriminations. They were just like us except that their entourages were smaller and the population was more homogeneous. Not a lot of Mexicans or Cambodians yet.
One other thing the Founders agreed on was that the more power the central government had the less likely it would be to relinquish it.
Well, I've just dunked a little toe in this sea of information. So far, I only feel that we in the 21st century should be better and more widely educated; maybe not formally so. Maybe the books, the classics of that time and this should be assigned, read and debated. Philosophy would widen our focus and then narrow it to to the areas we felt called to.
Beware. Simplistic conclusions will abound here. I'm too old and my mental boundaries have always been too flexible and fuzzy for hard truths.

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