Monday, July 28, 2008

If You're Unemployed, Shoot Unitarians.

Or, if you've got some other bug up your ass, you can shoot little Amish school girls. It's really the only logical course of action.

I know nothing about this man. My guess is that he was begotten of cowards, raised by bigots, and listened to Rush Limbaugh. A LOT. I wonder if he would have attacked those Unitarians with only a knife, or with his bare hands as weapons. I don't think so. He brought a shotgun, his own personal weapon of mass destruction, because he was entitled and those liberals deserved it! Men, women and children who had the audacity to stand up for Gay Rights and the ACLU were blasted into beyond because this guy figured that somehow, they were cheating him out of something.

What builds a mind like that? My sister and I were raised by a bigot. A ranting, reactionary bigot who came from a long line of bigots and/or insane people. How did we turn out to be merely garden-variety neurotics? Were we saved by our patrilineal blood?

And is this guy truly insane or just pissed off? I think he's just pissed off. He knew well enough that he shouldn't walk into a police station or the local chapter of the NRA before he swung up that gun and started firing. If it hadn't been the Unitarians, it would have been a kindergarten. Prick bastard!

- Lois Carneiro (

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