Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday! I'm Awake!!

It is really amazing what some sleep will do for you. I worked Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. All day yesterday I was incapable of functioning, I got home at 8AM, put on my pajamas, slept, watched TV, fed the cat, but was otherwise useless. This has been the case since I went back to nightwork last year. Pretty much useless all the time. Grouchy, lacking intiative.
But now I'm free! For the most part. I'll try not to work more than 2 nights in a row and always at least 3 off--that still leaves plenty of money-making time. Maximize the $$ and minimize the actual working time. So nights, weekends and holidays, but not all of them, will be mine--premium time.
I have some photos to put up (re:scrotums and such) but the blogger upload is being fussy.
I'll try again later

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