Friday, July 25, 2008

Oil, Contraception, Torture, Obama as JFK (?)

Under All That Ice, Maybe Oil

Arctic Has Riches

Ok, and what's this T. Boone Pickens thing? All of a sudden he's going on about wind power. Where's he been up until now? Wind power isn't new.

An what's with BMW and Honda? All of a sudden--alacazam--Hydrogen Cars!! Where were these companies 10 years ago? Were they strong-armed into silence by their respective governments? Or were they just making their last few oil pesos while they could?

Hydrogen vehicles aren't new either but it wasn't cost efficient to make them for the general public for some reason.

A girl can't take a week off....


"And did you hear that GWB is introducing a bill that would define oral contraceptives and IUDs as forms of abortion? I think he's just f****** with us now. He's figuring that he's either got six months left in office OR he'll be 'elected' Dictator-for Life, so he's just going to sc***us up as much as he can in case of either event. Jerk! " - Maggie

The only way I'll go along with the abortion/contraception thing is if all women of childbearing age are issued carry permits & Brugger and Thomet machine pistols and none of this cr** about "he wasn't going to kill you he was only going to rape you."

OBAMA--was his Germany Speech on a par with JFK's? That's what I hear. Hmmm...words, words, words...

WATERBOARDING FOR CHRIST--Let's talk about torture. This from a previous conversation with Tia Hermana:

"I'm having a hard time deciding what to blog about--everything is so wacked.
I'll just have to pick a subject and run with it.
Yes, I heard about the whole contraception/abortion thing. This is a a hot button issue that people respond to violently--the voters can be swayed by right to life and prolife issues. And you know what...not one of those b**** on Capitol Hill gives a s*** about who lives or dies. They'd all sc*** their grandmothers to the wall for a vote.
And torture--that's another thing. I'm sure there's torture in the bible but does Christ approve of it? There's nothing in that book about Jesus waterboarding anyone.
I'm pissed off. "

See Christopher Hitchens on the Waterboarding Experience:

Simulated torture--that's a new concept for me.

Yes, I just jumped back into reality. I'll be cohesive again soon.

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