Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meet Jabba the Nutt

Jack was never a good name for him. I had to give him a quick name to take him to the Vet. (Somehow, 'Baby Boy' Kampp sounded creepy.) I told Kurt to give him a big name, one that reflects his confident and inquisitive personality. Kurt named him 'Jabba'. (I added 'the Nutt'). Jabba loves Kurt and follows him all around. This is good. I'm sure we'll have Shadow for a long time yet, but he's eleven years old now and won't last forever. Kurt needs a boy cat, and with Duko and Shadow raising him, Jabba will be a fine fellow. Cross your fingers that he doesn't develop the dreaded 'Callie' disease. No sign of it yet, No intention tremor, no problem eating. I hope, I hope.....

I was supposed to do my 2 month (C)update today, but I was too busy taking pictures of a black kitten lying on a navy blue comforter. (NOT EASY!) I'll do the (C)update tomorrow. But it'll be a tank update. I consolidated everything into the big jar. Those Seattle's Best cups aren't designed for long-term occupation.

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