Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some inadequate ramblings on Hate

This guy probably goes to church--he's probably a christian.
For some sensible remarks on the subject see Rich Simon's Blog for July 29th:
Ever since humankind came to be we've been singling out groups and races and religions to hate and blame for our failings. Do we ever consider that the difficulty is the hate and blame itself?
Well, of course it is. Not to make sweeping generalizations but the fundamentalist, conservative, radical right wingers who are always carrying on about accountability and responsibility are really REALLY good at finger pointing and blaming everyone one else for their troubles. You've got to start with yourselves, people. How about some self reflection?
Probably not.
There's no end to the harm we do to each other eon after eon. Maybe some scientist can locate this intrinsic madness on the genome and find a treatment. God knows that religion hasn't been able to get a grip on it. Look at the 7 deadly sins. You'd think that a list like that would mean something to people who'd 'got' religion. But it seems that if you start to feel lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy or pride you're supposed to make someone else dead and not to feel for a moment that it's your own soul that's being killed.
What a bunch of dopes we are.
Well, all except me...

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