Thursday, July 10, 2008


I read this article by Gail Collins:
She makes a good point--I hate being a reactionary and I certainly reacted to Obama's apparent betrayals.
Do you think that he went for the immunity issue because the Telecoms really had no where to turn on cooperation with the Gov't? If they didn't go along with George & Co. what would've happened to them; the ones who refused would've gotten the dirty end of some kind of stick. Would have been shut down; would have their bottom line compromised?
Hmmm, on one hand I hate it when any person or group of people compromises my standards.
On the other hand each Telecom employs thousands of US citizens and supplies services to millions of us. Capitulation to the Gov't saved jobs and services (and profits).
Rats, I hate gray areas.
Advise please.

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Kenneth said...

A right wing friend of mine (I have few) called me and asked if I was apoplectic as to Obama's move to the center. He really wanted me to criticize him for not following lock step into my personal left beliefs. i responded that no, while I may be disappointed by his moves to the center (especially with FISA - it was not neccessarry (how the hell do you spell that word?), it is good strategy. Right now stuff that happens in the campaign has little meaning (if you're an anarchist, the whole campaign has little meaning). The fireworks come after the conventions. Right now its just noise. He was soooo dissapointed that I said that. Of course, I told him that the fat Limburger guy was also just noise. My fingers won't allow for me to type his name on this computer. Now that's some good blocking software. He instead went apoplectic. It's sooo much fun to turn the tide on those who try to goad the left.
Note: I only do this to people I know and right wing hyppocrites. If we disagree I'll be taking the same level of civility as you do.