Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Big D.C. Hello!

Good Afternoon, All. I have nothing special to report today.
And, by the way, I'm not in D.C., I'm in Tacoma, Wa, as usual.
People are actually reading our blog!!
And so far they seem to be intelligent...
Blessings on you all. Keep coming back to visit us and thanks for dropping by.
Well, what's in the news today...Big Brother says we can eat tomatos again. Hurrah!
Oil is down. Only $129.00 per barrel--we are allowed to be grateful.
Maryland State Police has been surveilling (so much better than watching--officers with Masters Degrees are authorized to surveil) Peace Groups and Groups opposed to the death penalty. No reason why, other than they were 'Groups'.
Pretty soon we won't be allowed to assemble.
And Seattle is selling its automated toilets--Seattleites are beyond the pale as far as dirt goes--not even an electronic toilet can part them from their grime.

Here are a couple of good sites regarding immigration:

Thanks again to those who stumble over us and actually take time to read something.

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