Monday, July 7, 2008

Yeah, I read that article yesterday. But it's really about the summertime crowd. You don't notice much of that off-season. John's Drive-In is still there, as is the pancake house. Slater's is gone but the Pizzeria is just the same. White's Drug and Dept Store is doing a booming business and remains open all year long. And, as you can see, the Ronjo is just as lurid and surrealistic as ever, with a nice new coat of paint.

Captain Bart's became The Crow's Nest and it may be something else by now. The Blue Marlin is gone but Shagwong serves really good food and, both bar and dining room are unsullied by the touch of contemporary redecoration. (Whew!) Gosman's should still be open on the weekends when we go out, so maybe we can have dinner at both places.

Do be a Doobie. Ha-cha-cha! I'm bringing wine and cheese to the room and Yahtzee dice and sliced vegetables with balsamic vinaigrette. And Tums. And we're going to get one of those rooms with the spiral staircase up to the loft. I can't wait!

Hey, Shemp told me that he was readying his conservative manifesto for publication! We need this. I wish that we could find another voice from the Right. Kurt's on the Right, but writing on a blog would be something he wouldn't consider doing. He likes to read. He hates to write. I'm his secretary and I have a tendency to inject a little editorial bias, though I try very hard not to do that.

I wrote a nasty letter to Barack Obama last night telling him that he is seriously disappointing me by not opposing retroactive immunity under the FISA bill, and by encouraging 'Faith-based' programs to initiate actions that should be taken by the State and Federal governments. 'Faith' has no place in government. Keep faith in church and let our social programs be run by someone who's taken some civics and sociology courses. Faith-based, my ass!

- Maggie

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