Monday, June 30, 2008

Brief Update/Vogue

Viva Espana!
Viva Catalina!
Check your email, I forwarded that poster from O'Malley's.

Otherwise, the weather here in Tacoma, Wa is fantastic. The yellow roses were photographed yesterday in the lovely North Slope District where I make my home.
Tonite I'm going to dinner with my upstairs neighbor, Jean, we are going to celebrate my last regular shift at the Hospital.
I'm per diem now and will work as much or as little as necessary. I am so unfathomably grateful that this has happened for me. I'm going to pay more attention to my studies and to the Blog. I'm going to go to the beautiful places in Washington and Oregon and photograph them all (over time). And when I do go to work I'm going to enjoy it for all the wild and woolly craziness of nursing and health care in this USofA.
More Later....
Oh, oh, oh...lately in the newspapers and magazines there's an awful lot of Cindy McCain striking poses. I wonder if Obama will be hanging the Missus up like a side of beef?
I must say that Cindy is a natural and seems to be enjoying it.
I suppose the election of '08 will hinge largely on who's got the most accomplished and poised (and photogenic) wife.
...and I thought health care was deranged....

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