Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Constitution and The Federalist Papers

I had a long talk with Hermana yesterday and I've decided to make a study of the Constitution and the Federalist Papers:
"...I'm going to do a post later today or tomorrow about my study of the Constitution/Federalist Papers--something like: I'm reminding myself about the Founding Fathers (who had troubles or their own, god bless them, and didn't always live up to their own standards) and how our Constitution came to be written and what it actually says (open to as much interpretation as the bible, don't you know). I want to make it alive for myself and understand, a little, of how it applies in 2008 and beyond."

So, I'll be posting bits of my study here and we can discuss it at little or at length.

I don't want to be criticizing if I haven't given the documents a good going over myself. I'll be pulling from the original documents and also from the books and documents that the Founders referenced. I hear that Thomas Jefferson's Library has been re-gathered at the Library of Congress. If there's a link to it I'll study it from here but maybe I'll go to D.C. for a week and have a look at it up close for inspiration.

The Constitution is as fine a document as there ever was. I want to find the central principles that have been forgotten (or that have dimmed for us in our prosperity, strength and dare I say arrogance).

There are a few unchanging truths in this world of humankind; truths that stand in the face of fear and uncertainty and a vastly changed world from that of the Founders. I want to re-acquaint myself with them. This will take a lot of time--I'll post the interesting stuff here for your review.

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