Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello, Angry!

Wow, there is a lot of political rage on this blog. It makes me feel so detached. While I find Dick and his Georgelings absolutely out-of-hand, I just can't think of a thing to do about it. I voted. That didn't help. I send hate mail to my senator about Gitmo, but that doesn't help either. At least I stay informed, which is more than I can say for most people my age. Any age, really.
So I just got home from work. It was outrageously busy. Chris is snoring away on the couch and Jake called a bit ago. He is in Salt Lake at the HQ of what will hopefully be his new workplace. He said he would call me when he knew more tomorrow and that Salt Lake is very beautiful.
This coming weekend I will be away in Portland for a bachelorette party. I've got a really good song stuck in my head. I am eating some apple and contemplating how I will ever get to sleep. At least is was gorgeous outside today. I slept through most of the sun but I had happy thoughts about the state of my tomato plants whenever I cracked an eye to look outside.
Maggie, I took your advice and moved my African violets to my south facing windows. They are absolutely full of flowers now and I smile whenever I go into the kitchen. There they sit in all their purpleness.
I started the mural! Just sketched it all out so far and I didn't take any pictures because pencil on wall does not show up well. But it looks good and most importantly the owner really liked it. I love you, Catherine

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