Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cat, I'm so glad you listen to the BBC and NPR!

It's 'cause you was brung up rightly! Watching 'Sisbert & Eagle' and "Red Dwarf', playing the kazoo, eating 'crisis' peanuts and making your 'trucker' face; it all made you the fine woman you are today. Anyway, absent "The Daily Show' there is no actual news broadcast on any of my 314,159 channels. It's not JUST that USAer's don't care about the rest of the world, it's that they are fearfully ignorant about it.

Which is sad. For a long time now, the US has assumed the role of 'Top Dog'. We issue edicts, we send our battleships into other people's waters, we build army and air force bases all over the world. (I understand that the rest of the world has been partly complicit in this, but if anyone else tried it with us, we would be horrified!) The entire human population has a vested interest in what we're going to do next. Being subject to our might, they probably feel a little disenfranchised. If all the people in the world could vote in the November presidential election, Barack Obama would win by a landslide. You wouldn't know this if you just watched CNN.

Watching CNN gives me a headache. They should ditch all those screens and colors and crawl bars and insets. Makes me feel like a character in 'Blade Runner'. So does GAS TV. Do you guys have those gas pumps out there? The ones that have screens in them that talk to you and try to get you to buy beef jerky and squishees? It's eerie, especially if you fill up at the center pump, because the voices, the faces, with their big, white teeth, are all around you.

I couldn't find an image pertinent to this post, so I chose this one by David Hockney. I like a lot of his stuff, but this one is my favorite.


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