Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Back!!

Good Morning, Bloggers. My last day at work is coming up. Saturday June 28th I'll be out of work. I'm not too nervous about it and I think that's because I don't like to take care of people anymore. I don't like it so much that retiring early and being poor is going to be much healthier for me than continuing on and trying to get a bigger pension.

I'll work perdiem somewhere and make just enough to keep me in the black.

I can't wait until June 28th.

Saturday night we went up to Seattle to hear Anthony Bourdain expound. It was great to see him and hear him in person. When he walked out onto the stage we felt as if we knew him and he was one of us. He was interesting and informative and funny but the talk kind of stayed on the surface of his experience. When he went to questions from the audience people only asked him about what portion of the pig he likes best and what's his latest take of Rachel Ray.

One audience member did ask where Anthony Bourdain thought Americans were on the humanity continuum now that he'd been out among the other cultures in the world. He said he thought our country was pretty good seeing as how we can still travel and speak our minds but he thought more Americans should have passports and get out there and travel and see what the world is like for themselves.

I second that but its very expensive to travel these days if you're not getting compensated for it and its uncomfortable to travel especially by air. Not just the seats but the packing and unpacking and being searched and scanned and poofed-at and having your sewing scissors confiscated.

Also, these days our rights are being pared down, we're being watched and listened to--most of us just expect to be watched and listened to. I was afraid to post my affinity for Sam Harris on this blog but I did, of course. There are other things I'm afraid to say but I'll probably get over it and say them as well.

Anyway--more heavy stuff next time. Today I'm just being glad to be ALMOST semi-retired. Ain't life grand...for me?

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