Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aside from the foot issue...

...I can't think of anything to write. I did go to the waterfront yesterday to take some pictures. There's one right here...its a great blue heron and it was standing not far from the dock at the Silver Cloud.

Here's another. Across the way there you see the entry to Quartermaster Harbor on Vashon Island as seen from the dock at the Silver Cloud in Tacoma, Wa. It was a cloudy morning as it is today and kind of hard to get an impressive shot.
I worked last night and I'll work tonite again and then I get the weekend off. I'm so ready to begin working on a per diem basis; I'll probably work quite a lot but at least I'll be picking the days and nights that I do work. I can bunch them all up at the beginning of the month and then take 2 weeks off if I want!! I can read books and watch movies and play with the cat without trying to fit in a nap--unless I want to. Only five more shifts of someone else's choosing.
(I could've gone on at some length about the feet--its like some bizarre horror movie...picture it: Sailing peacefully through the islands and having these feet come bobbing along like a flock of ducks! All wearing shoes, but none of these feet belongs to the other--lonely feet. Well, its just too crazy to go on about at so I'll stop and simply hope that someday the mystery is solved. I neeed to know [I meant to put the 3 e's in there].)
More pictures tomorrow.

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