Monday, June 2, 2008

Twenty Three Days Since I Set Myself Ablaze.

Call me Ishmael. This is the ongoing result of my abrupt plunge into Lake Matilda. (Click for larger image.) As you can see, I'm totally cheating now, and have abandoned the idea of a closed environment. I sealed off the distal end of some O2 tubing and then punched a bunch of little holes near the seal. Kind of like the business end of a surgical drain, only instead of draining stuff out, I'm injecting air in! 30ccs a couple of times a day. I inject it nice and slowly, just like I'm injecting mannitol IAK. And even though my snails have the latin name Stagnicola, I think they're happy about the air. They seem more lively. (Maybe they're angry and agitated.) I've also put my extra-strong reading glasses on and have noticed what I suspect are either cyclops or hydra. (Where is Theo Stephanides when you need him?) I put the picture on my desktop because Kurt is used to me changing it at least twice a day. Anyway, it'll disorient him a little to see that the same thing that's on the desktop is on the 'desktop'!


I took quite a few pictures, but don't want to bore anyone by posting them here. (But they're really GOOD!) I'm going to post them at . (They probably won't be up until tomorrow, but there's one really good close-up in there. Look for the water beetle.)


Cat, who're you painting the mural for? Will it be just plants or will there be wildlife as well? What continent will your jungle be from? Who was that guy that painted jungles and lions and stuff, but made up all the plants from his imagination.? Some French name like 'Cousteau'.


Rousseau!! Marcel (?) Rousseau. That's the guy. Clearly, he was an absinthe drinker. And I decided to link to my earliest and latest (C)updates from the blog.


- Maggie ( I might as well take the responsibility.) Kampp

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