Monday, June 2, 2008

I got a powerful yearnin'

I want to go to Montauk. I want to sit on the cool sand and feel the wind, and watch the sun come up. And I'm going to do it too! I figure I'll pick a weekday, before the schools start their summer vacations. I'll leave at 1:00am and be out there by 4:30am. As dawn breaks, I'll think about the nature of the Sun and the Earth. I'll look for rocks and shells on the beach. Then I'll find a cozy spot near the water and read a book all day. I'll bring coffee, seltzer and a sandwich with me. (I'll hope that the public bathroom is open at Bee Sting Beach.) I'll let the wind blow in one ear and out the other. And I'll think about September, when I can spend a couple of days out there. (If I can arrange it around my work schedule. You're right. Per diem is the only way to go.)
It's visceral, this longing. It's like homesickness. I wish I could go now. But I can't! Cherry Bomb is having her surgery tomorrow and Cancer Friend has chemo on Thursday. (By the time these two are finally well, I'll be old and lame.
I'm going back to bed.
- Poop!

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