Tuesday, June 17, 2008

West Country Idyll

It's a good thing that you put that picture of yourself up there, because I was going to do it. Now I can put up the picture I took while hanging off the bridge over the Abbey Basin in Penzance. And I hardly fiddled with it at all. I adjusted the color balance a little and removed a piece of trash that was floating in the water, but that's all.

I just wish I'd had my camera handy when Bronwyn's son buzzed us in his helicopter! That was great. Amongst the many rocks that are on my desk, I have a very old piece of cement that I picked up when we walked down to the sheep pen. What a lovely day that was. Remember that huge eucalyptus that they had? I'd never seen one in real life, outside of the NY Botanical Gardens.

So I hear that the House Judiciary Democrats have suggested they may accept a compromise in which Karl Rove would be interviewed in private, without being under oath, about the politicization of the Justice Department. Isn't that just dandy? The Republicans make the Justice Department their own personal franchise, and no one has to answer for it. Or, if they do have to answer for it, they don't have to risk perjuring themselves when they lie about it. Anyway, why bother? They subpoena Rove, they subpoena Harriet Miers, and our President tells them to ignore the subpoenas. Maybe that was covered by one of the 44,000 signing statements that George scribbled all over any new legislation that crossed his desk. (On the other 43,999, he just wrote, "You're not the boss of ME! Nyaaaah, nyaaaah....) I wish he'd run out of crayons already!


- Maggie

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