Monday, June 2, 2008

Now I've got a powerful yearnin' for Montauk too. As for troubles with the blog, I am not having any. Chris and I went to visit Jake in Carnation yesterday. We went out for lunch and ice cream, then went to the park. After that we went back to Jake's and talked with his roommate Rory. It was pretty fun for me. There are few things I like better than being around tall, funny men all day. Today will be a lazy day for me, although I do plan to get some exercise (avoiding canines and undergarments). In two weeks I go to Portland for Melissa's bachelorette party. Mom, congrats on going down to per diem. There is a full time evening shift opening up at the RX but I just can't take it. I rather not have vacation days than have no say over when I work. On Friday I hung out with Carrie. We were supposed to go for a walk but her mom called. She had been trying to reach Carrie's dad all day but he was not answering his phone. So I drove with Carrie to Brown's Point to make sure he was alive. Not only was he very alive, but then he took us out for beers. Way to go, Pop! If this blog is more meant for deep insights, I'm afraid I don't have any. I had my deep year of thought in 2007. 2008 is for not thinking too deeply. However, I have been putting a lot of thought into the mural I got hired to do. I start the week after next. Mom, can I borrow your digital camera so you both can see how it goes? I've never painted a jungle before but I think it should go well.

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