Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stop. Jungle time.

Well, well. I actually got a Rousseau book out from the library looking for inspiration, but I need actual photos. Found a good book for that. I am painting a jungle on the wall of a co-workers 5 year old son's room. I have it all laid out in a sketch, trees and foliage on either side with a vine across the top, monkey's swinging around. Gecko, snake, frog and toucan will also be making an appearance, at least until I run out of paint. Tentatively sched. to start next week. Actually getting bored with all this time off. Looking forward going back to work tomorrow because I am compounding so I can sit alone and mix IV's with no one but my Ipod for company. I download racy BBC comedy shows and sports chat. I love listening to that stuff because the humor is for smart people. And I'm smart as hell!! Anyway, Maggie that set-up you got on the desk is a little freaky. It reminds me of a story Mom tells about a guy with drains coming out of his head. It also reminds me a little of a beer helmet. And I get angry and agitated when people shoot oxygen at me, but then I feel better. So keep up the good work. Love, Peanut

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