Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Things creep through.

I do remember the botanical gardens very well. I also remember you teaching me how to braid the long grass at one of Kurt's softball games. I remember the first time you made me listen to Rhiannon on your stereo and how I still love that song. I remember you and I at a bookstore and you waving The Color Purple in my face and saying "You haven't read this? I'm buying it for you right now!" Or you telling me to always ring out the sponge so it didn't get nasty and us watching Red Dwarf while Kurt was out at the club. When I was at Carrie's house the other day, I was waiting in the living room and on the mantle were all these Hummel figurines. I thought about how I used to count Louise's Hummel's every time we went there. Carrie's mom had the fisherman Hummel, but the pole was broken off. But I knew there should have been a shoe hanging from the little boy's fishing pole and I was suddenly so sad. It is funny that even though a childhood can be so difficult, you can feel so powerfully about those days gone by. How's all that for deep thoughts? Maybe not that deep, but true anyway.

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