Wednesday, June 25, 2008

USA Department of Duh...Re: EPA to GWB; GWB to EPA

Hypothetical scenario:
I receive an email on my official site from an official colleague telling me that one of our endeavors is circling the drain. I post an official reply that I'm not going to read it.
Am I still culpable when something hits the fan regarding the said endeavor?
The judge asks:
1. Did you know you had received this email? Yes.
2. Were you capable of opening this email? Yes.
3. Did you open other emails before and after you had received the said email? Yes.
4. You knew at the time that the email was from your colleague with whom you have a mutual endeavor? Yes.
5. Did you reply to this email at all? Yes.
6. What was the text of your reply? That said email would not be opened.
Spare me. I think the EPA should send the White House a Registered & Certified letter. Fax it. Send it Fedex. UPS. On a bus on a plane on a camel on a train.
We are dealing with a global issue on a kindergarten level.

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