Monday, June 30, 2008


Viva Espana! Hola, todos! My team finally won something! Spain are champs in Europe! I can't believe my team actually won! As I have stated here before, my belief in something tends to nullify the outcome. But things can change. I am so pleased with the game yesterday. Soccer tends to be a game where one mistake can rob the deserving team of a win, but this time it did not go that way. Si, si, si! El Copa es aqui!

Other than absolute football bliss, Chris and I are well and exactly the same. I am off to work in a bit, where no one even knows what Euro 08 is. Mom, you need to help me remember to have you take the digital camera home on the 4th so you can upload the mural beginnings here on the blog. Love, Catalina.

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