Friday, June 13, 2008

Death to all Tyrants!

Yahoo Yippity! When you throw caution to the winds you absolutely put it into orbit! Good for you!! That'll put paid to all the folks who thought I was the only smart-aleck in the family.

I think I spotted myself in that flock of sheep. I'm the one carrying the liter bottle with exactly three ounces of seltzer left in it. Or better yet, three ounces of duckweed. Brainiac (Rich Simon) has clued me in that if I cultivate enough of it, I can use it to produce hydrogen for fuel cells. I'd have to expand my operation to make it a going concern. Think of all the 30 cc syringes I'd need. Speaking of Brainiac, he's now trumped me in all my strong areas; Literature, Music, Geology (Who knew there was oil under Burma except Rich Simon and the Federal Department of Exxon/Mobil?), Geography, World History and now, Freshwater Biology. My only solace is that NOBODY beats me at Yahtzee! (Best 5 out of 7 games.) (Bugger! Best 4 out of 7 games.)

I wrote to this guy today (Editor's Note: The ensuing comment by Jim Maggiore is particularly damning.) who seems not have the proper spirit concerning impeachment. He thinks the effort is doomed to failure and offers this as a crumb of hope. "However, having the Judiciary Committee hold the hearings might at least document the criminality of the Bush Administration in a coherent manner." Maybe he's right, but I don't think we should lay down just because Nancy Pelosi is afraid that impeachment hearings might mess up the seemingly favorable staus quo for the Dems. (By the way, Ms. Pelosi needs a much heavier gavel and voice lessons from Jesse 'The Body' Ventura.)

Notice how I revived the Western Theme that you used to such good advantage? It took me awhile to find that. But I've been cooking for the Ethnic Club today, so I've had planty of time to fart around while the sauce was reducing. (It stuck to the bottom of the pot a little, but it was only very dark brown - not blackened - so....)

To Whom it May Concern: Fritz the Cat! And I didn't even look it up. It came to me, as in a dream. (Was Coleridge high when he wrote 'Kubla Khan', or just sleepy? I can't remember. I do remember that the guy who figured out the molecular structure of benzene did so in a dream. He was probably suffering from benzene toxicity, which gave him nightmares.)

- Maggie

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