Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Feather

From mi Hermana:
What the hell is THIS? Do they think that if they don't open it, it doesn't exist? Is this George's version of Schrodinger's cat? Boy, if this doesn't boil down the Bush Administration's global philosophy to one headline, I'll eat my hat. (The BIG hat. The one that held all those rocks.) WASHINGTON June 25, 2008 White House Refused to Open Pollutants E-Mail By FELICITY BARRINGER The White House told E.P.A. officials that it would not open an e-mail sent in December that argued that greenhouse gases are pollutants that must be controlled. (Editors Note: Visit Rich Simon's site for more cogent analysis than we are capable of producing.)

There's a theory that if you don't see it it's really not there. (Not the theory of the quantum kind)--it's a superstitious theory devoutly hoped for by the helpless and the ignorant: taking the mail out of the box and putting it in the garbage immediately viola! the bills are gone...or like a little kid who thinks if his eyes are closed no one can see him.
But the world always catches up with you--the bill is due and you're caught.
The era of GWB and his flunkies will be known as an embarrassment to the USA--a humiliation.
Enrichment of the few on the backs and the lives of the naive, the poor and the helpless. The worst sin of all of course is the denigration of our Constitution and of our great country--broken levees, roads too expensive to drive on, houses too expensive to live in. We the people have bought into the delusion, we sit with our eyes closed hoping someone else will solve the problem--blaming it on other people and other places.
Our USA is our responsibility---everyone of us. In our naivete we have let our First Principles be sullied. This hallowed ground of America was achieved on the backs and lives of 'others'--that is our original sin. When will we wake up and shoulder the burden? And how will we do it?

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